Founded in 2014, SWAT evolved into an elite and trusted provider of highly specialized turnaround services. SWAT maintains an industry-leading safety record, superior execution capabilities, and a wide range of services, including specialty welding, general mechanical, catalyst, and cooling tower services.


SWAT’s founders identified an industry need for better execution, quality, and technical expertise during turnarounds. Over the years, SWAT identified the same need across new service lines, including – Catalyst, Alky units, and Cooling Tower Services.

Employing the best talent is an essential element of SWAT’s culture. SWAT employs project managers, supervisors, and technicians to plan and manage projects and a direct labor force of skilled craftsmen from a referral-only pool of 7,000 who perform work.

SWAT performs services across the United States, maintains a significant presence in the greater Los Angeles, Golden Triangle (Texas) markets, and is headquartered outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

SWAT has a coverage area spanning more than 17 states and a nationwide craft labor database of over 10,000 highly experienced and trained professionals. With master service agreements with more than 50 U.S. facilities, including some of the world’s largest oil refiners and petrochemical suppliers, SWAT maintains multiple touchpoints across its crucial customer relationships.


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