General Mechanical

SWAT supports its client’s facilities planning activities for new and existing fixed equipment installation and modification. This includes tower replacements, tower tunnel and clean, tray replacement, exchanger replacement and repair, Fin Fan replacement and repairs, general valve replacement, and unit decommissioning and start-up.

Project Management


SWAT provides maintenance and repair to guard against shell failure, sheet joint and tube leakage, and gasket failure with application-specific services:

  • Blind-to-blind disassembly
  • Shell and channel repair
  • Bundle extraction, retubing and repair
  • Mechanical and chemical cleaning
  • QA/QC and re-rating


Our Project Managers can assemble and engage all the parties involved in the entire project and communicate the key aspects and details of the project with relevant stakeholders. They assess all the project’s staffing needs, making the necessary adjustments to meet customers’ expectations. Project managers are also in charge of identifying any obstacles in the planning phase. They assure the elimination of all roadblocks before turnaround commences, leading to a smooth process throughout the project.



SWAT delivers alkylation services for hydrofluoric acid (HF) units and sulfuric units & acid plants..

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A refinery operator required essential maintenance services, including a request for turnaround services to address an emergency cooker unit shutdown. The operator needed to minimize lost revenue from downtime during maintenance activities. To this end, the operator allowed for 30 days, or 18,200 man-hours, to be complete the scope of work.


To perform the required maintenance at the facility and minimize downtime during the turnaround, the operator contacted specialty welding and turnarounds (SWAT). As a provider of elite industrial services to some of the nation’s largest refineries, SWAT can function as turnaround manager on behalf of the customer, overseeing all subcontracting, planning, and scheduling to complete the entire unit turnaround. SWATs project managers can engage in job planning, creating efficient work schedules to ensure customer jobs execute on budget. Along with project managers, a high-tenured group of core employees and a database of more than 4,000 craft personnel support such efTo minimize the refinery operator’s downtime and maximize the longevity of maintenance performed during the shutdown, SWAT developed a comprehensive implementation plan, including a turnaround budget dedicated to petrochemical production lines within refineries.


SWAT developed, implemented, and completed its turnaround and maintenance services plan three days ahead of the 30-day project schedule, resulting in significant savings for the customer. Because of SWATs efficient and effective execution, the refinery operator awarded SWAT an additional 2,425 man-hours of work scope.