Because the energy-producing landscape is evolving, SWAT expanded its capabilities to meet the needs of alternative energy providers. Whether it’s hydrogen production, biomass gasification, or Renewable Diesel, SWAT has the expertise and resources necessary to complete the project as expected.


Project management for a bioenergy company

When a new construction project for a bioenergy producer fell significantly behind schedule and was over budget, the producer engaged SWAT. Initially, SWAT received the critical path scope of work. However, once the customer’s senior managers saw the level at which SWAT executed (with a strong focus on safety, productivity, and quality), they began to phase out the Prime contractor and hand over more of the project to SWAT. Within three months, SWAT managed and executed all mechanical work onsite. The facility is in commissioning, and SWAT is maintaining a small maintenance crew onsite for support. Due to SWATs outstanding performance, the customer verbally awarded SWAT future sites.

Renewable Project in CA

SWAT has a long and very successful history of executing turnarounds and project work for a major refiner in CA. A merger of two large companies put SWAT in an optimal position as SWAT was already a preferred vendor to one of them. SWAT was engaged to execute 80% of pipe fabrication, planning all expansion and conversion work. This project consisted of 16 planners and execution of all field installations, including civil, steel, piping and equipment. The project commenced in late 2021, with an anticipated headcount of 600 people in late 2022.

SWAT performed a detailed analysis to accurately assess the plants’ needs, including regulatory and tax legislation requirements. SWAT leveraged its existing relationships with these facilities based on our proven track record of success in the traditional energy segments.


SWAT uses advanced processes, procedures, and modular equipment to safely remove spent catalyst and load fresh catalyst into process vessels. Click here to read more about SWATs catalyst services.

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Project management for a bioenergy company

SWAT has been a preferred vendor for a refinery in MT over the past five years. This site was in the early stages of an RDU (Renewable Diesel Unit) project. The project had 2 phases 1) New Construction Phase and 2) Conversion to the existing unit (Tie In phase). SWAT was previously awarded the conversion phase of the project and had onsite personnel planning this scope. The New Construction phase was already behind schedule, and the Refiner acted quickly to engage SWAT in taking over the New Construction phase of the project. SWAT mobilized a management team to begin evaluating and planning the work scope. SWAT anticipates mobilizing 400 – 500 people on site to execute the project. The New construction phase is on schedule for a late 2023 completion.