Project Management

At SWAT, we take care of the technical management process along the entire cycle of initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and completion, including all the fieldwork associated with the project.

Project Management


  • Planning and scheduling of job activities
  • Constructability reviews
  • Procurement of materials and material management
  • Progress reporting for all job activities scheduled
  • Subcontractor management
  • Interfacing with relevant stakeholders on all aspects of the project

Our Project Managers can assemble and engage all the parties involved in the entire project and communicate the key aspects and details of the project with relevant stakeholders. They assess all the project’s staffing needs, making the necessary adjustments to meet customers’ expectations. Project managers are also in charge of identifying any obstacles in the planning phase. They assure the elimination of all roadblocks before turnaround commences, leading to a smooth process throughout the project.


SWAT provides highly skilled welders and pipefitters to complete complex pipe welding & fabrication, convection tube or radiant tube welding, boiler repairs and other complex and critical welding repairs.

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Our experts are skilled at managing complex projects in their niche areas of expertise. They select the most suited methods, techniques, and evaluation criteria for achieving the best results consistent with customer objectives.


The key to SWAT’s cost tracking and reporting is using redundant internal systems that assure reporting accuracy. For example, suppose Primavera shows that SWAT has completed 50% of the project, yet we have only exhausted 30% of the budget. In that case, we know there is an error in schedule updating or a lag in cost reporting. Our project managers can quickly determine discrepancies due to our internal data tracking before sending each report.


Our project managers take care of the whole process of material ordering to specifications from the customer’s AML (Approved Manufacturer List). They also manage, receive, and distribute materials to ensure a thorough inventory and appropriate storage and distribution to the correct personnel. With their extensive field experience and excellent supplier relationships, they can overcome the critical challenges in the procurement and material management processes, adjusting to project scope changes, maintaining accurate inventory counts, and minimizing waste across the entire process.


Sub-contractors are an essential component of many projects. Still, the burden placed on the prime contractor management team is challenging. The key to successful sub-contract management is a service agreement that addresses potential issues, interfacing and reporting from the sub-contractor, and the right resources for the job. Our project managers can manage sub-contractors throughout the entire project.

They ensure each subcontractor has the necessary information before commencing the work, including:

  • Complete project information and specifications
  • Project scope and schedule
  • Key milestones
  • Detailed terms and conditions before commencing the work

This way, our project managers can avoid potential risks, including inferior quality deliverables, missed milestones, poor safety practices, and behavioral issues.


Our employees take pride in knowing they work for the best. SWAT has focused on building a culture of excellence by hiring, training, and retaining a highly experienced workforce combined with a craft labor database of over 4,000 professionals.

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