Oil refineries

SWAT has extensive experience providing general mechanical, specialty welding, and other services that ensure the essential processing units and components in oil refineries, petrochemical, and renewable facilities return to service with minimal downtime.

SWATs servicing team is familiar with FCCU, Crude Cokers, Hydrocrackers, and other units. The team offers the capability and flexibility required to repair and replace distillation towers—tray and packing columns—that have diameters ranging from about 0.65 to 6 m (2 to 20 ft) and heights ranging from about 6 to 60 m (20 to 197 ft) or more.

Safely and efficiently providing services while navigating large, sprawling oil refineries with extensive piping connecting large processing units is challenging under the best conditions. For this reason, SWAT creates a safety plan that identifies all hazards associated with the job scope and puts preventive measures in place before employees begin work.

SWAT serves the largest Refinery operators throughout the United States. With offices strategically located along the Gulf Coast and West Coast, SWAT has the capabilities to service Refinery operators throughout the U.S.


There are many factors driving sustainability and more comprehensive environmental and social governance (ESG) issues at SWAT.

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