SWAT has a strong experience in oil refineries, chemical plants, and renewables industries. SWATs safety record is impeccable and a key competitive advantage across different industry segments.


SWAT operates in the ever-increasing downstream maintenance services market, focusing on refining and petrochemical facilities. SWAT is well-equipped to meet increasing maintenance demands from traditional refining, growing installed base of petrochemical and biodiesel facilities, and ongoing cooling tower maintenance.

SWATs service teams understand the complexities of chemical plant processing units and their structural designs and have the expertise to conduct welding and mechanical operations under extreme conditions.

SWATs unmatched execution capabilities provide a unique value proposition for our customers. We consistently perform beat budget, delivering superior quality on an efficient timeline. Following the success with our current customers, we are expanding the scope of our operations with many new projects. As many industries shift away from fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy sources, we are also expanding our capabilities.

We are actively pursuing new projects across all service lines and evolving our services to meet the needs of existing customers and alternative energy providers.


We serve oil refineries, chemical plants, and bio/renewable industries, including Conversion Projects and supporting prime contractors with project support of Greenfield critical path scope.


Oil Refineries




Industry specialists with comprehensive knowledge

SWATs mechanical division has worked on some of the industry’s largest projects throughout the U.S. In 2020 alone, SWATs mechanical division worked approximately 1.2 million man-hours. SWATs mechanical managers and supervisors have a combined 250-plus years of experience. Regarding its complement of craft personnel, the division can provide up to 1,200 well-trained and qualified craftsmen. SWAT is also capable of providing services in the form of a rapid response for customers in need of emergency support.

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