A Reputation for Performance

“When it matters most, bring in the best.” As the leading provider of elite industrial services, our employees take pride in knowing they work for the best. SWAT has focused on building a culture of excellence by hiring, training, and retaining a highly experienced workforce combined with a craft labor database of over 9,000

Our EMPLOYEES are our most valuable assets

You can’t apply for a job at SWAT. We staff our crews by referral only, hand selecting the best of the best to work for SWAT so we can deliver strong performance at every turnaround.

Being a part of this organization means you are committed to delivering superior craftsmanship on each and every project.

We challenge our crews to learn, improve and excel on every job. We are about pushing what’s possible, exceeding deadlines, and making every project better than the last. We keep our skills sharp and keep raising the bar.

You can’t be the best without being safe. We take safety seriously. With strict compliance to company and facility protocols, our crews maintain situational awareness of themselves and those around them on every job.

Proven track record

We developed a track record for safety and quality due to attracting best-in-class labor for labor-friendly policies and systems for retention. SWAT is an employer of choice offering competitive hourly pay, benefits, consistent regular workload, and a culture of excellence established through rigorous entrance exams and referral-only hiring practices.

These policies are a strong competitive advantage as SWAT has a critical mass of top talent, and high performers mutually reinforce their satisfaction with their employer.

We take pride in performing at an elite level.

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“SWAT is the A team in specialty welding. An only the best mindset dominates SWAT”.
Welding Operations Manager, Power Service

“SWAT workers are skilled—at SWAT they are typically top of the line craftsmen”.


Top talent is increasingly less available, due to an aging workforce exiting the labor pool and insufficient new specialty labor to meet market demand. SWAT is as the premier employer for this scarce labor pool.

“We push what’s possible every day. We’re never satisfied with simply meeting expectations. And because of our vast experience and focus on turnaround projects, we can work more intelligently, too. By implementing unique crew utilization strategies, we can ensure our teams are always working — limiting downtime and keeping everything on track”.

—Johnny Holifield, Founder

SWAT consistently outperforms its peers in the field, often completing jobs ahead of plan, and as a result, has established long-term, deeply entrenched customer relationships. The company has focused on building a culture of excellence by hiring, training, and retaining a highly experienced workforce combined with a craft labor database of over 9,000 professionals.



  • SWAT has ~30 Managers with more than 15 years of experience. They design highly organized project and materials schedules for each turnaround. They also provide daily project management.
  • SWAT Superintendents, numbering ~75, have more than 10 years of experience. They are responsible for creating timelines and job expectations for craftsmen.
  • SWAT has ~1500 General Foremen with more than 10 years of experience who have been developed from the ranks of the company’s top performing craftsmen. Their job is to oversee craft laborers.
  • SWAT has ~4,000 Specialty Craft Laborers with more than five years of experience, are highly skilled craftsmen with the necessary industry certifications to provide core turnaround services.