SWAT has extensive experience providing turnaround, welding, and other services that ensure that the usually large vessels, reactors, and supporting components in chemical plants are repaired or replaced with minimal downtime.

SWAT services teams understand the complexities of chemical plant processing units and their structural designs. The absolute structural integrity of these units is critical because of the specific operations conducted in these units and the extreme pressures and temperatures used in such operations.

SWAT turnaround specialists have the expertise to conduct welding and mechanical operations under extreme conditions and elevated temperatures ranging from 150 degF to 380 degF, allowing equipment repair without ceasing operations.

SWATs welding project managers and their dedicated involvement in the initial stages of project planning have resulted in welding rejection rates of <1%.

SWAT has completed significant projects in ammonia facilities throughout the US and abroad. SWAT is a leading service provider to the Ammonia industry due to its experience with complex equipment such as Ammonia Converters and high alloy piping.

Safely and efficiently providing industrial services while navigating typically large and complex chemical plants is challenging under the best conditions. For this reason, SWAT completes a hazard and risk assessment as part of a safety plan that identifies all hazards associated with the job scope and puts preventive measures in place before employees begin work.


SWAT goes beyond standard compliance protocols by adopting a mindset of continuous safety improvement on every project. Besides providing extensive safety training to ensure the safety of every team member, SWAT practices rigorous critical performance benchmarking.

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